In the second of the blogs from our interns we turn to Paige. 

Paige has just completed her BSc in Geography / Environmental Science, and with results due any day (good luck Paige!!), has spent part of her first couple of weeks travelling with us to see how suppliers in Europe are starting to respond to the challenge of electrification. 

Here are her thoughts on that, and the role AEM may play in helping bring all that together… over to you Paige!

‘Whilst I have long had a fascination about the sheer scale and prominence of the automotive industry, it was through my final year research project on Daimler AG and their collaborative approach towards low-carbon vehicles that I came to comprehend the true extent and influence of this industry. Having witnessed the success of Daimler’s open and cooperative qualities I want to help to transfer these into UK-based firms, and Advanced Electric Machines Ltd. seems the perfect place to start!

From my first day AEM’s passion and drive for change is evident in every conversation – it is so energising to see a small start-up thinking on such a large scale, and I am excited to join the team at a pivotal moment in their journey towards revolutionising the electrification of vehicles. Their tenacious ambition for bringing magnet-free motors to market perfectly exemplifies the versatility of the industry to consider the whole picture in the pursuit for global sustainability. 

Despite only having been here two weeks I have already learned so much about the inner workings of the industry, and everyday I am a part of the conversation at AEM as they work tirelessly to create a motor far beyond what everyone else is doing. 

Just now as I write this blog they have come across a small hiccup in the manufacturing process, and yet without skipping a beat they have discussed improvements, communicated with suppliers and moved to make the changes needed to deliver a quality solution. Observing this will for change through such a collaborative approach is so inspiring and I am definitely looking forward to spreading AEM’s determination and success to the wider industry.

Last week I had the privilege of attending the CWIEME exhibition in Berlin.

Showcasing over 750 potential suppliers from across the world and specialising in coil winding and lamination production, CWIEME is one of the biggest electric motor supply chain events in the world – attracting more than 6,700 visitors in 2017 with this year predicted to have been much bigger. 

Although the usual flight delays had me running across airports I thoroughly enjoyed seeing first-hand the interactions between key industry figures as they work towards a new era of electrification. I attended the EV Momentum conference new to CWIEME this year to hear a charged discussion about the sustainability of the e-mobility supply chain itself and the reliance on certain raw materials. It really opened my eyes to the scale and scope of the industry’s global production network, and in turn the magnitude of the sustainability challenge we are facing.

After speaking to a host of prospective suppliers in everything from electrical steel to ball bearings I was able to sit in on a meeting between Mike W, representing the North East Automotive Alliance, the event organisers and CWIEME’s managing director. The conversation that ensued focused on how to build the UK e-mobility supply chain, which has never been more critical with Brexit looming, and how organisations can combine their efforts to present Britain as a serious competitor in the automotive market. It is fascinating to be a part of the discussion looking at the bigger picture and is something I strive to become more involved in – helping collaborations find solutions and opportunities beyond individual agendas.

That same evening, I went for dinner with four colleagues from different businesses, each holding very different positions within the automotive sector. Despite the different backgrounds, they shared the unanimous opinion that the shift towards sustainable solutions needs to pick up pace across the industry. It was also agreed that engaging with the public has never been more crucial to ensure these solutions are readily adopted and integrated into everyday life. I find it so important to engage with the debate on sustainability, and to see the passion these individuals have is both reassuring and encouraging as we endeavour to improve the industry’s involvement.

AEM demonstrate every day that change is not only possible but it is actually happening as they propel towards revolutionising the electric motor. It has already proven so fulfilling to be surrounded by such a supportive and inspiring team, and so I am looking forward to the coming weeks as we help spread the word to slowly but surely begin shifting towards a more sustainable industry.’

Thanks Paige – its been a great start from both you and Luiggi… we hope we’ll hear more from you both as the weeks progress… and maybe you can help teach the rest of the team to bring some of their thoughts to our website too!