We recently brought in some new members of the team – Paige and Luiggi, as interns from Newcastle University. 

We are really pleased to support them in the next steps of their career and hope that their time at AEM will inspire them to become involved in Low Carbon Vehicle technologies in the long term. In order to make sure we get off to a good start we have asked them each to give us their first impressions of AEM and this piece is from Luiggi.

Originally from Peru, he is just about to complete his MSc in Automation and Control and will be working with us through until September… over to you Luiggi!

‘A week has passed since I joined the superb team of Advanced Electric Machines Ltd. And now, with a bunch of technical articles read and a warm cup of coffee at my side, I will share my first impressions. 

On my first day I was bombarded with information and was introduced to the company’s great plans for implementing cutting edge drives and motor technologies, however the strongest qualities of AEM come from another angle. From the moment I came through the door I was received with great Friendliness, everyone is willing to help and move this project forward. Feeling welcome really motivates me to give my best and not disappoint the team. 

Another thing that I liked was their willingness to take action. For example, currently we are assembling a new test rack for the motors and everyone got involved by helping and sharing ideas on how to build it in the best way possible. I admire this Hands-on approach to problems and I hope to soon catch on with everyone’s rhythm. Things are moving fast and everyone is involved in their respective tasks, I can tell by the way they work and communicate between them that Smartness is a common quality on the team. All of these are signs that this is the right place for me. 

I defined my objectives since day one and, now that I am settled in position, I will move towards them at maximum speed. Although I had some background on electric motors, I believe this company is the perfect place to really understand them from a design, manufacturing process, and control (my favourite part) perspective. So, my first objective is Learning as much as I can by observing and asking questions, just in this one week I learned so much and I can tell there is much more to discover through my time here. 

Once I get my head around the key concepts of our motor I will start delivering this information in understandable chunks for blogs and social media platforms.Communicating is the main purpose of the internship and I plan to deliver high quality content that reflects the high quality of our products and manufacturing processes. 

Finally, I want to put all the acquired knowledge to use and that is why my personal main goal is to Help. I hope to be useful in every activity in which I will be involved and leave a good precedent for future interns from Newcastle University. 

AEM Ltd. is a small company in size, but full of energy and with a vision way bigger than anything I have heard before. Yes, it is all about technology and manufacturing the motor of the future, but is also about responsibility to the costumers, the country and the environment.’