About Us

Advanced Electric Machines (AEM) and Advanced Electric Machines Research Ltd (AEMR) form the Advanced Electric Machines Group. Both businesses are spin outs from Newcastle University, an internationally recognised centre of innovative electric machine’s research, having been established to design and manufacture electric motors and drive technologies for the transport sector.


In early 2019 AEM Group moved to new premises and secured  funding to allow establishment of a production line to manufacture up to  12,000 traction motors per annum.

Electrification of all transport sectors is gathering momentum. The passenger car sector in particular is moving towards high volume production with many OEMS now declaring next generation platforms will include at least one electrified variant across the range.

While electrification removes tailpipe emissions there remain significant environmental concerns regarding the extraction of rare earth materials and the recyclability of copper and electronics. AEM Group holds patents which offer a significant advantage in developing solutions which 

1) remove the concerns regarding rare earth materials and copper windings 


2) support the development of lightweight mechanical systems improving overall energy efficiency.  

The Team

The founding directors, Dr James Widmer and Dr Andy Steven are internationally recognised for their research expertise spanning electromagnetics, electrical and mechanical engineering. 

Both have held senior leadership positions in engineering businesses, each having more than a decade of industrial experience prior to Joining Newcastle University. James remains the Director of the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK’s (APC) Electric Machines Spoke leading policy development for UK automotive industry electric machines development and manufacture.

They are joined by Mike O’Neill, with 25 years of experience in the design and build of high volume motor manufacturing plants for an automotive Tier 1 supplier on 4 continents. 

Mike Woodcock has 25 years of experience in materials and supply chain research for automotive and, as Head of Network Programmes at APC, coordinated the development of a network of over 600 organisations. Most recently Mike successfully led a proposal for an Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund programme to develop power electronics, motors and drives supply chains, delivering £80m of funding to the sector.