Advanced Electric machines research

Focused on design

Our sister company AEMR is a design partner to OEMs and Tier 1’s

Delivering unique solutions

Using a portfolio of design and manufacturing process patents to develop differentiated designs for niche and high volume products 

For both high performance and low cost

The design solutions and manufacturing processes which AEMR has created  mean there is no compromise between performance and cost

Next generation motor coil windings

AEMR was formed to design and develop electric motors and drive technologies for the automotive and aerospace sectors with a particular focus on the motor, power electronics and mechanical transmission elements of future powertrains.


high speed electric motor

AEMR holds key patents in both manufacturing and design which will allow our products to achieve performance advantages at no extra cost


Recognising the drive towards systems integration, AEMR has recently added world class power electronics systems engineering capability to the team. Together we can offer a complete design and manufacturing solution