Inner city air quality is a significant and growing challenge for governments across Europe, leading to 4,250 deaths per year in London alone. Whilst the increasing adoption of electric passenger cars and hybrid buses in a number of European markets will undoubtedly be having a positive impact, this has not been matched by a similar uptake across the commercial vehicle sector. 

Diesel powered delivery vehicles and buses currently make up 19% of inner city traffic but generate 32% of the total emissions impact, this impact is expected to grow by a further 22% by 2031. 

The traction motor, and its integration with the broader powertrain, is a key enabler for successful hybrid electric commercial vehicle adoption.



REFITT is targeted at bringing to market a robust, low cost, high performance traction motor solution for electric trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles, which does not rely on the use of rare-earth magnets; materials which fall at the top of the EU’s critical raw materials list. 

HDSRM maximises the benefits of Switched Reluctance Motor technology (no rare-earth magnets, robustness, high efficiency) while achieving the performance characteristics of a rare-earth magnet based machine (in particular high torque density, low noise and torque ripple) and using standard commercially available power electronic inverters. 


Horizon 2020 SME Instrument

Funding through phase 1 of the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument has supported AEM to develop:


· A comprehensive market assessment of key target markets

· A detailed design verification plan focused on target sector cost and performance targets to ensure the traction motor will become a credible volume product 

· An implementation programme to establish best practice business process capability including ISO9001 and other relevant standards