Q: How long have you worked at Advanced Electric Machines?

PA: I’ve been at Advanced Electric Machines for almost four years now. The time has really flown by – I’ve loved it and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for us going forward!

Q: Please tell us what your career at Advanced Electric Machines has looked like so far.

PA: So I started at Advanced Electric Machines straight after I finished university. I was initially at the company on an internship in global communications, which gave me a great insight into Advanced Electric Machines and the wider world of communications. This spell gave me a real hunger to kickstart my career at an ambitious and forward-thinking company like Advanced Electric Machines, and so I was thrilled to be offered a full-time role as a Business Systems Engineer. In this capacity, I implemented the ISO 9001 standard, which really demonstrated our commitment to quality and continuous improvement.

After two-and-a-half years, I moved into the role of Marketing Executive, which is what I’m doing now. I’ve really enjoyed this role – not only have I been able to work with so many different people, I’ve now had experience in various areas of the business, which has really sharpened my skillset.

Many of my colleagues often mention to me that they have also experienced working across different areas of the business. I think it’s an excellent opportunity to not only work on your own skills, but to witness first-hand the way in which the company is developing.

Q: Can you tell us about your job role?

PA: As a Marketing Executive here at Advanced Electric Machines, my role is so varied. Essentially, my job is to boost the profile of the company in the eyes of our customers, our potential customers, and the wider automotive sector. The most exciting thing about this is that there are so many ways to go about it – one day I could find myself at an exhibition that we’re presenting at, and the next I could be in front of a camera talking to a news broadcaster all about the company.

So much of my role involves many different forms of communication. The experience that I gained throughout my internship with Advanced Electric Machines put me in an excellent position to hit the ground running when I started in the role.

My favourite aspect of the role is being able to be heavily involved with the company’s communications strategy. I’ve played my part in trying to take Advanced Electric Machines to the next stage of its development.

Q: Paige, tell us what it’s like working at AEM.

PA: The environment at Advanced Electric Machines is fantastic! Everybody in the team is so passionate about what we’re trying to achieve, which is an inspiration to come in every day and work your hardest. The entire team is fully behind the company’s goals – we’re all just so excited to see where it’s going to go next!

Of course, in our line of work, we’re faced with challenges, but the supportive nature of the group we have at Advanced Electric Machines is so, so helpful. Everybody has each other’s back here. I count myself very lucky to work here alongside my incredible colleagues – I truly am very grateful.