Five years ago, we set out on our journey to build the world’s most sustainable electric motors. Along the way, we have always sought to develop long-term partnerships with like-minded companies that have wanted our technology to create a bespoke motor offering that fits their requirements. On this path, we have come across businesses in sectors from commercial vehicle to rail to renewables that have been drawn to us because of their desire for a high performing and truly sustainable product.

At AEM, we have a wide-ranging product portfolio that caters to the needs of those in search of an electric motor. Our HDSRM™ product family in particular offers a scalable and modular design to meet a variety of applications, including passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as in the maritime and railway industries.

Nevertheless, from time to time, we receive enquiries that specify a change in direction. Typically, the process of partnering with a business to provide them with the right product begins with our team investigating whether any of our products are tailored to their product specification. If there isn’t a match, we will look into how we can develop a product for them. This involves us identifying whether modifications can be made to one of our current motors to fit what is required, or whether we will need to build something entirely new.

In terms of making modifications, we take everything into account, from the length and weight of the motor to the amount of torque the customer requires. Within our product portfolio, there is plenty of room to manoeuvre, enabling us to cater to the needs of our customers to create the right product for them.

If this is not an option, and we see a bigger opportunity at play, we will go the extra mile and develop a bespoke motor with our customers. This process is a collaborative approach; although the designing and manufacturing are done by us, we remain in constant communication with our customers to ensure we are creating a product that fits all their requirements. In our partnership with the commercial vehicle manufacturer, SAF-Holland, for example, we have been holding weekly progress meetings and maintaining an ongoing action list for over a year now. Over this period, we have designed and manufactured a bespoke motor that integrates into SAF Holland’s innovative e-axle system, the TRAKr.

For these bespoke projects, we typically anticipate that the motor will be ready in 12 months, but we will always adapt to the situation at hand. As the manufacturer of the world’s most sustainable and high-performance electric motors, we welcome interest from other companies in establishing long-term relationships that can facilitate the development of the sectors we operate in. Whether our active product range is suitable for a prospective client’s needs or not, we are always open to collaborating and finding the right solution.