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Delivering a compact, integrated, and cost-effective E-Axle with Bentley

AEM’s OCTOPUS project will deliver an E-Axle, free of rare earth materials, that uses next-generation integrated power electronics to create…


Unipart Rail partnership: launch of the TRT-e

Unipart Group, 27 August 2021 Unipart Rail and McCulloch Group launch the TRT-e Unipart Rail and McCulloch Group have officially…


Delivering sustainable and reliable electrification of agricultural vehicles

AEM’s ElecTra project will make the UK a leader in the electrification of agriculture by delivering an integrated, cost-effective hybrid…


Bensport unveils all-electric concept vehicle

Bensport unveils La Sarthe E concept for pre-order at the London Classic Car Show All-electric La Sarthe E combines elegance,…


SAF-HOLLAND E-Axle Collaboration

SAF-HOLLAND, 22 April 2021 SAF TRAKr: Electric axle that is rare earth free Collaboration between SAF-HOLLAND and AEM will deliver…


UK company creates ‘world’s most sustainable electric vehicle motors’

James Billington, Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International, 1 April 2021 A UK-based company has unveiled its what it believes…


British Firm Cracks Electric Car Motor Conundrum

Alan Tovey, The Telegraph, 28 March 2021 A British company which has developed pioneering electric car motors that do not…