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How do we make electric vehicles genuinely sustainable?

There is no doubt that electrification is key to addressing climate change. Yet it is not as simple as merely…


Q&A: Ahmet Güzel – Lead Electromagnetics Engineer

Q: Why did you decide to join ADVANCED ELECTRIC MACHINES? AG: I have been at ADVANCED ELECTRIC MACHINES for more…


Q&A: Jessica Cookson – Mechanical Design Engineer           

Q: How long have you worked at Advanced Electric Machines? JC: I have worked at ADVANCED ELECTRIC MACHINES for about…


Working with TEVVA and the Advanced Propulsion Centre

For several years, we’ve been working closely with TEVVA on the development of its hydrogen fuel cell range-extended truck. Part-funded…


Our bespoke motoring solutions

Five years ago, we set out on our journey to build the world’s most sustainable electric motors. Along the way,…


Copper – where things stand

No secret has been made of the global ambition to reach net-zero emissions and greater sustainability. On the surface, this…


Electric vehicles – the growing picture

It’s difficult to ignore the increasing number of electric vehicles (EV) arriving onto our streets. In the UK, electric vehicle…