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What’s the hype around hydrogen?

Readers of a certain age will likely remember the infamous videotape format war between VHS and Betamax. Two incompatible approaches…


e-fuels – the future?

e-fuels have been making the headlines of late. Following the first commercial e-fuel plant being built in Chile in 2021,…


The three biggest contributors to emissions in transport

According to the UK Government’s 2022 Transport and Environment statistics, transport was the largest emitting sector of greenhouse gas emissions…


Three interesting sustainability projects you probably haven’t heard about

Sustainability in the automotive industry is a big topic. When you consider the tens of thousands of components that make…


International Women’s Day – Jessica Cookson Q&A

Q. Name, job title & what do you do? Hello, my name is Jess! I work as a mechanical design…


Power electronics at Advanced Electric Machines

Advanced Electric Machines’ Power Electronics Director, Dr Mark Johnson, sheds some light on what a career in the company’s power…


Why 2023 could be the watershed year for sustainable electrification

With the demand for electric vehicles set to increase next year, and the legislative mandate to stop ICE sales growing…