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Why the North East is pioneering the next generation of electric vehicles

The electric revolution is already in full swing. Last year, 450,000 electric and hybrid vehicles were registered in the UK–that’s…


Origins of AEM – 2017

At Advanced Electric Machines, we’re now recognised across the globe for our rare-earth free high performance electric motors and powertrain…


How do we make electric vehicles genuinely sustainable?

There is no doubt that electrification is key to addressing climate change. Yet it is not as simple as merely…


International Women’s Day – Jessica Cookson Q&A

Q. Name, job title & what do you do? Hello, my name is Jess! I work as a mechanical design…


Power electronics at Advanced Electric Machines

Advanced Electric Machines’ Power Electronics Director, Dr Mark Johnson, sheds some light on what a career in the company’s power…


Why 2023 could be the watershed year for sustainable electrification

With the demand for electric vehicles set to increase next year, and the legislative mandate to stop ICE sales growing…


A rare-earth free, efficient future for our railways

Electric motors are everywhere. Pretty much everything manufactured or engineered in the last 60 years will have benefitted from their…


North East manufacturing – looking back and forward

Advanced Electric Machines is proud to originate from and operate out of The North East of England. The North East…


What is the true scale of electrification? 

By now, it would have been nigh on impossible to have avoided discussion about automotive electrification. High on the list…