We’ve been kept busy during lockdown delivering the first milestone in demonstrating the durability of our HDSRM300 system. Designed and built to meet the challenges of the Commercial Vehicle sector HDSRM300 has been shaped to deliver robust and extremely efficient performance over the typical drive cycles of trucks and other commercial vehicles. The engineering and test teams have been busy over the last few months building bespoke test systems and putting all our motors through their paces. While SSRD, our high performance passenger car solution has just entered its preliminary test phase, HDSRM has been putting in the hard miles building up our knowledge and confidence in a system designed to deliver over 100,000kms a year. We’ve reached the first target milestone of 500 hours (a mere 15,000kms) in just a couple of months and we’re now pushing ahead to our next target of 2000 hours before building an accelerated test programme to deliver 20,000 hours and more early next year.