• AEM’s event at COP26 on 10 November will explore how EV motors can be produced and recycled sustainably
  • Most EV motors currently use rare earth metals, obtained through a mining process that is harmful to the environment
  • ‘Novel Electrification through Advanced Sustainable Technologies’ event to include speakers from AEM, the University of Nottingham, Hypromag and Tevva.

1 October 2021 Press Release

Sustainable EV motor manufacturer, Advanced Electric Machines (AEM), will set out why the production of electric vehicles (EV) motors doesn’t need to be harmful to the environment, as it takes to the stage at COP26. At 15:00 on 10 November in the Green Zone, AEM’s event, titled ‘Novel Electrification through Advanced Sustainable Technologies’ will look at why today’s EV motors are so problematic, and what can be done to ensure that the next generation of components allow EVs to be genuinely sustainable.

AEM’s CEO, Professor James Widmer, and Chairman, Peter Fleet, will be joined at COP26 by an impressive panel of speakers, who will each give their own perspective on how EV motors can be made more sustainable. These include Professor Mark Johnson, Director of the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics at the University of Nottingham, Professor Allan Walton, Founding Director of Hypromag, and David Thackray, Sales and Marketing Director at Tevva.

Currently, the vast majority of EVs in production are driven by a permanent magnet motor (PMM), which contains rare earth metals. The mining of these materials is highly damaging, with the extraction of one tonne of rare earth metal creating 1.4 tonnes of radioactive waste and 27.6 tonnes of CO2.

The speakers at AEM’s COP26 event have all developed ways to reduce or eliminate rare earth mining from the EV motor supply chain, either by developing pioneering motor technology or incorporating it into their products.

AEM’s patented motor technology achieves higher levels of performance and efficiency than equivalent permanent magnet motors, without using rare earth metals. It has also eliminated the need to use copper in its motors, making them easier to recycle than conventional motors.

Further information about the ‘Novel Electrification through Advanced Sustainable Technologies’ event will be announced via AEM’s website and social media channels in the coming weeks.

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