Our technology was designed to be flexible to help develop solutions bespoke to your needs

What do you need?

Over our lifetime, AEM has designed, developed and patented a broad range of technologies designed to enhance performance, reduce costs and deliver the most sustainable option available in the market. We offer our customers access to these components and sub-systems, underpinned by our design and manufacturing IP.

With a track record of working and partnering with some of the most prestigious and respected manufacturing and technology brands on the globe, our team can work with you to deliver an accelerated route to sustainable, high performance solutions for your project.

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Simplified systems, smaller footprint, no magnets or copper

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Accelerated route to market

Reduce engineering cost and time to market by utilising our expert team and technology

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Utilise 'off the shelf' solutions designed to integrate widely

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Proven track record

Our team has a proven track record of delivering bespoke options


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Compressed coils

Our patented compressed coil technology delivers up to 30% increase in motor power density. By replacing copper with recyclable aluminium windings, our technology reduces cost, weight and minimises high-speed losses.
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To complement our unrivalled electric motor designs, our world-class gear design engineers have developed unique transmission components offering lower mass, improved efficiency and reduced acoustic noise.

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Bespoke solutions

Working together with customers and partners on a range of projects, we’re able to develop bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With practical experience of applying our motor technology across a range of applications and sectors, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver the solution you need.

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Motor in use

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