Today, our partners Bentley Motors, have released a press release describing the next stage in bringing SSRD to market ( 

OCTOPUS, an Innovate UK funded 3 year programme to industrialise the design developed during APEX, brings together the best UK science and engineering facilities with a team of highly innovative UK SMEs to deliver the ultimate EV powertrain system. 

The team involved in the programme will use Diamond Light Source, the UKs most powerful x-ray source to peer inside the motor as it spins at up to 30,000 rpm while at the Hartree Centre in Daresbury we’ll be utilising Europe’s most powerful supercomputer available to industry to model all the details of the motor, power electronics and transmission system as they operate in harmony. 

Partners at the University of Bath and University of Nottingham are supporting with the latest thinking in test and simulation while Hieta, Talga and FD Sims are utilising the latest materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver even lower weight and higher performance. TTPi are continuing the work started in APEX to deliver an integrated power electronics system and of course we at AEMR are working to deliver even more efficiency and torque from our already market leading motor! 

As we move closer to production Bentley are now working to make sure we meet all of the test and validation points necessary for us to get ready for market and continue to set the bar really high in terms of power, torque and, of course, refinement!

It’s great to be on to phase 2 of the programme now and we hope we can continue the success of the APEX programme in delivering performance and innovation into what we believe to be the most sustainable motor technology in the world!